Syncplify Notepad


A Free, Powerful and Feature-rich Replacement for your Windows Notepad

This Notepad is best for novice users as well as professional programmers. Has a great look and even runs on a variety of Windows operating systems starting from XP to Win 8.

Main Features:

  • Multi-tab, multi-document editing
  • Can edit large documents (greater than 4 GB)
  • Easy to use, with a great look-and-feel
  • Printing and WYSIWYG print preview
  • Ideal also for advanced users and programmers
  • Editor styles (both for colors and syntax highlighting)

Advances Features:

  • Touch-mode (for easier use on your tablet)
  • Syntax highlighting (40+ languages supported)
  • Document map for easy navigation
  • Split editing (two views of the same document, side by side, with synchronized editing)
  • Customizable header and footer for printing
  • Export as HTML and RTF
  • Find and replace with regular expressions
  • Fastest "find in files" feature searches for text in multiple files
  • Hash code calculator, with support for CRC32, MD5, RIPE-MD160, SHA1, SHA256, SH512
  • Normal as well as columnar selection
  • Rich set of document editing options

Source: AddictiveTips

Operating Systems:
Windows 8/Windows 7 (32 bit)/Windows 7 (64 bit)/Windows Vista (32 bit)/Windows Vista (64 bit)/Windows XP (32 bit)/Windows XP (64 bit)
Category:Office Tools
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Upload Date:2014,02,19,15,13,46
Modified Date:2014,02,19,15,14,40
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