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Code the Web with this attractive editor

Brackets is an open source code editor for the web. It's built with JavaScript, HTML and CSS by web developers for web developers.

Operating Systems:
Windows 8 / Windows 7 (32 bit) / Windows 7 (64 bit) / Windows Vista (32 bit) / Windows Vista (64 bit) / Windows XP (32 bit) / Windows XP (64 bit)
Category:Developer Software
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Upload Date:2013,07,02,14,19,07
Update Installed Extensions: Extension Manager can now update an installed extension without manually uninstalling the extension first.
New Status Bar Design: Visual updates to the status bar including new icons for JSLint validation.
Show/Hide JSLint Errors: When JSLint errors are present, click on the status icon in the status bar to show/hide the JSLint panel.
URL Hints in CSS: In an @import or url() statement, code hints will show relative paths to files in your project.
OK/Cancel Dialog Buttons on Windows: OK and Cancel buttons in dialogs now display in the correct order. Previously the order was reversed.
Architecture: jQuery, Bootstrap and LESS updates: Under the hood, Brackets is now using newer versions of jQuery, Bootstrap and LESS. There are no significant user-facing changes, but please do report bugs if you experience any problems.
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