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If you have ever had need to alter, manage, or otherwise interact with the System or User Path on your PC then you know how painful it is do with the built in tools. Path Editor is a small utility that makes path management very straightforward with it’s intuitive user interface and drag-and-drop simplicity. Path Editor can clean your path of missing and duplicate entries with a single click of the mouse.


  • Friendly intuitive user interface.
  • Edit System or Current User Path.
  • Edit any HKCU registry key (in advanced mode)
  • Optionally display expanded environment variables used in the path.
  • Automatically clean path of missing and duplicate entries.
  • Rearrange entries using buttons or drag-and-drop.
  • Double-click a path entry to open directory in a file explorer.
  • Add a directory by dragging the directory (or a file) from a file explorer.
  • Use /c on the command line to clean, save, and exit with no user interaction.
  • Path Editor is distributed under the Simplified BSD License

Note: Drag-and-dropping directories from Windows Explorer into PathEditor works in Windows XP, but Windows 7’s stricter security policy prevents this from working under Windows 7 since PathEditor runs with elevated privs. (One cannot drag from under-privileged apps to privileged apps.) I’m looking at implementing some other solution that makes it easier to add directories.

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