This tiny little software lets you put your Recycle Bin in your System Tray Area i.e,the area next to the clock in the taskbar.

MiniBin has a little “special” inside. To avoid that you have to guess your individual “maximum fill level” of trash before MiniBin displays the “full” icon, MiniBin uses something called “Adaptive Maximum Fill” or short “AMF”. This value is auto-adapted to your trash-deleting behavior whenever you empty the recycle bin, and you can check your current AMF by looking at the MiniBin “About” box.

If MiniBin is too overwhelming or if you want something more minimal than MiniBin, you can download MicroBin. MicroBin will only let you access your Recycle Bin from the system tray and nothing else.

NOTE: These tools use very little memory and integrate perfectly with the default system icons - they look like something Microsoft themselves might have created.

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