Lincalc 1.1.4


Lincalc is a console calculator for evaluating algebraic, logarithmic, and trigonometric equations. It is designed to provide a quick and simple interface to a very powerful calculator.

List of Internal Commands:
1. $exit: Closes Lincalc.
2. $help: Show a list of available commands.
3. $feat: Lists the features of Lincalc.
4. $funcs: Lists all mathematical functions.
5. $consts: Shows a list of available constants.
6. $clrscr: Clear all screen output.
7. $clrlog: Clears all calculation results and removes their reference variables.
8. $getlog: Shows a list of all calculated results and their variable names.
9. $setvar: Set a custom variable and its value.
10. $getvars: Lists user-defined variables.
11. $clrvars: Clears all user-defined variables.

List of Mathematical Functions:
1. abs(x): Get the absolute value of x.
2. exp(x): Get e to the power of x.
3. sqrt(x): Get the square root of x.
4. min(x1,x2..): Get the minimum of all values.
5. max(x1,x2..): Get the maximum of all values.
6. sum(x1,x2..): Get the sum of all values.
7. avg(x1,x2..): Get the average of all values.
8. sign(x): -1 if x < 0, 1 if x > 0
9. rint(x): Round to nearest integer.
10. ln(x) : Logarithm to the base e.
11. log2(x): Logarithm to the base 2.
12. log10(x): Logarithm to the base 10 (log)
13. sqrt(x): Get the square root of x.
14. sin(x): Sine
15. cos(x): Cosine
16. tan(x): Tangent
17. sinh(x): Hyperbolic Sine
18. cosh(x): Hyperbolic Cosine
19. tanh(x): Hyberbolic Tangent
20. asin(x): Arcus Sine
21. acos(x): Arcus Cosine
22. atan(x): Arcus Tangent
23. asinh(x): Arcus Sine Hyperbolic
24. acosh(x): Arcus Cosine Hyperbolic
25. atanh(x): Arcus Tangent Hyperbolic

NOTE: The new version supports user-defined variables, logical operators for conditions, and a wide range of mathematical functions each calculation that is made is stored in a result variable (Ans1, Ans2..) and can be referenced in equations. It also supports evaluation of multiple equations each separated by a ','. For a full list of features enter '$feat' into the command line.

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