DexChat 1.5


DexChat is a chat application that facilitates chatting between connected computers. It is a Java application.

To Create Client:
1. Open the application "DexChatServer.exe"
2. Click on "Start Server" button with modified port number and password given to you.
3. Open the application "DexChatClient"
4. Edit all the required fields according to the server information given to you.
5. Edit the name field to your own name.
6. Click on "Create Client" button.
7. Enjoy the experience of Chatting with your DexChat friends on the secure DexChat software

To Create Server:
1. Open the application "DexChatServer.jar"
2. Copy the server ip address
3. Click on "Start Server" button
4. Distribute the port number, password and IP address to all who you want to invite to chat

Working with DexChat:
Sending Messages Method 1:
1. Type the message in the message field of the chatbox.
2. Click on the button below the text field to send message.

Sending Messages Method 2:
1. Type the message in the message field of the chatbox.
2. Type "\" and then press any key, preferably "Enter" or "Return".

Recieving Messages
Method 1: Hover the mouse over any component in the chatbox other than the message field.
Method 2: Type "Refresh" (case independent) in the message field and send the message by eiter ways mentioned above.

Server Commands:
1. cmd_getmsg Get total number of messages
2. cmd_getmsgcur Get num of messages after last chat delete
3. cmd_delchat Delete chat history and all server commands call list
4. cmd_gettime Get current time of the server
5. cmd_uptime Get the time of starting of the server as seen on the server machine
6. cmd_disconnect Appear offline. Command run automatically at time of closing Client
7. cmd_connect Appear online again. Command run automatically at time of opening Client
8. cmd_online Get total number of online users
9. refresh Refresh the chat box

Minimum Requirements:

  • Windows XP or above, Linux, Macintosh or any OS that supports Java
  • Java Runtime Environment, preferably latest version
  • 100KB hard drive space and minimal hardware including mouse and keyboard.
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