AD Info 1.5.8


A flexible Active Directory reporting tool with over 170 built in reports as well as the option to create your own. With more flexability than other Active Directory reporting tools and a modern user friendly interface, AD Info lets you easily query your Active Directory domain for the information you need. Use one of the 170+ queries that come with the application or use the custom query designer to create your own query based on any attributes you choose.

The free edition is provided in the hope that it is useful to fellow IT Pros, it has capabilities similar to the standard version and is not time limited. Whilst some additional features are only available in the standard edition, hopefully the fact that it still has over 170 predefined queries and can export results to CSV will mean it is the most useful free active directory reporting tool around.


  • Powerful - Query Computers, Contacts, Containers/OUs, Groups, GPOs, Printers, and Users. See here for a full list of query-able attributes
  • Fast - Retrieving only the attributes you are interested in and using intelligent caching helps make this one of the fastest AD reporting tools available
  • Useful - Easily query several attributes that are not included in many other similar tools, such as direct and nested group membership
  • Accurate - AD Info will query each DC in the domain to get accurate values for any non-replicated attributes (Last Logon etc)
  • User Friendly - Designed to be easy to use and modern, you can be running your first query within seconds of launching AD Info for the first time
  • Flexible - Enter your own values. For example instead of a query such as "Members of Domain Admins", AD Info lets you specify any group (see screenshots)
  • Secure - AD Info does not require Domain Admin permissions so you do not need to log on as an Administrator account to use it
  • Exportable - Export any query results to CSV file for use in other processes and reports
  • Multi-Domain Friendly - Easily query any domain you have access to. Enter a domain name and credentials, then any queries you run will target this domain

Compzets Tip: Active Directory (AD) is a structure used on computers and servers running the Microsoft Windows operating system (OS). AD is used to store network, domain, and user information and was originally created by Microsoft in 1996. It was first deployed on Microsoft Windows 2000. Active directories provide a number of functions to include providing information regarding objects optimized for fast access and / or retrieval. This allows administrators to setup security, push computer updates, and acts as a hierarchical structure.

Active Directory is used by computer administrators to manage end user computer software packages, files, and accounts on medium to large-sized organizations. Instead of visiting every single computer client computer to upgrade new software or install Windows patches, the task(s) can be accomplished through updated a single object located within an AD forest or tree.

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