PunkBuster 3.5


PunkBuster is a Anti-Cheat system for online multiplayer games. It detects and prevents the usage of cheats by any player in the game. Just download this software then add a game,give the path to the game and then click on "Check for updates" and you are done. The screenshots provided can explain you further clearly.


  • Real-time scanning of memory by PB Client on players' computers searching for known hacks/cheats
  • Throttled two-tiered background auto-update system using multiple Internet Master Servers to provide end-user security ensuring that no false or corrupted updates can be installed on players' computers
  • Frequent status reports (highly encrypted) are sent to the PB Server by all players and the PB Server raises a violation when necessary which causes the offending player to be removed from the game and all other players are informed of the violation
  • PB Admins can also manually remove players from the game for a specified number of minutes or permanently ban if desired
  • PB Servers can optionally be configured to randomly check player settings looking for known exploits of the game engine
  • PB Admins can request actual screenshot samples from specific players and/or can configure the PB Server to randomly grab screenshot samples from players during gameplay
  • An optional "bad name" facility is provided so that PB Admins can prevent players from using offensive player names containing unwanted profanity or racial slurs
  • Search functions are provided for PB Admins who wish to search player's keybindings and scripts for anything that may be known to exploit the game
  • The PunkBuster™ Player Power facility can be configured to allow players to self-administer game servers when the Server Administrator is not present entirely without the need for passwords
  • PB Servers have an optional built-in mini http web server interface that allows the game server to be remotely administered via a web browser from anywhere over the Internet
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Upload Date:2012,09,23,02,17,09
Modified Date:2012,09,23,02,31,53
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