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ArgusLab is a molecular modeling, graphics, and drug design program for Windows operating systems.  It’s getting a little dated by now, but remains surprisingly popular.  To date, there are > 20,000 downloads.

Scientists have discovered that thanks to computer programs they can advance in their projects a lot faster, due to the fact that they can speed up the calculations that would have previously taken weeks of work. In the case of chemistry, we have to highlight the applications that make it easier to design and analyze molecules by means of 3D drawings, like ArgusLab.

 This program is a 3D image editor that has been specifically developed to be able to form all kinds of molecules, thus making it easier to develop and study certain medicines, amino acids and chemical compounds.

 The program has a large library that includes various of the best known chemical and pharmaceutical compounds, allowing the user to analyze their structure and modify it. The interface is very similar to that of other simple 3D design tools, with the sole difference that in this case they have added utilities to insert chemical molecules.

 If you work in chemistry or in a pharmaceutical lab and you are looking for an application that will make it easier to analyze and design certain elements, download and install ArgusLab.

ArgusLab is freely licensed.  You don’t need to sign anything.  You can use as many copies as you need if you are teaching a class where your students might benefit from using ArgusLab.  You are not allowed to redistribute ArgusLab from other websites or sources.  However, you may link to this website from your own websites if you like.

A low-key effort is currently underway to port ArgusLab to the iPad.

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