Revealer Keylogger 2.05


Free keylogger monitoring tool that logs every keystroke even passwords behind asterisks and conversations in common instant messengers. Its interface is password protected, the software does not appear in Add/Remove programs or in the taskbar.

Why to use Revealer Keylogger ?

For system administrators : If you are involved in computer security, you must know that on a network the greatest threat comes from the inside. You can thus use Revealer Keylogger to be sure that there is no confidential information leak, or to detect illegal activities on your computers.

For employers : Revealer Keylogger can be very helpful in your hiring process. Just install it on the computer of your new recruit during his training period and see if he spends more time chatting online than working on what you pay him for. With Revealer Keylogger you'll make the right decisions, thus you'll save time and money.

For home users : Keep an eye on your children activities. Know what is done on your computer while you are away. Recover lost text and passwords.

Why to choose Revealer Keylogger ?

Simplicity : Revealer Keylogger is surely the easiest and faster way to record keyboard inputs. There is almost nothing to configure, in fact everything is configured internally with the best settings.

Power : Revealer Keylogger's powerful log engine logs any language on any keyboard and perfectly handles dead-keys (key combined to produce diacritic characters, for example ^ + e = ê). Contrary to Revealer Keylogger, most keyloggers don't handle dead-keys properly, this results in a keyboard bug making them impossible to use (in the example above, instead of ê you'll get ^^ or ^e).

Trust : Revealer Keylogger is a safe to install product. It was tested thoroughly by several labs and was found absolutely clean, which means it does not contain any spyware, viruses, trojans, backdoors or any form of malware. See the awards below.


  • Easy to use and install
  • Logs every keystrokes
  • Password protection
  • Invisible window
  • Free
Operating Systems:
Windows 8/Windows 7 (32 bit)/Windows 7 (64 bit)/Windows Vista (32 bit)/Windows Vista (64 bit)/Windows XP (32 bit)/Windows XP (64 bit)
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Upload Date:2012,08,03,07,35,44
Modified Date:2013,05,05,15,08,43
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