sTabLauncher 2.2.3


sTabLauncher helps finding and launching your favorite programs,web pages, folders, or any type of files in a fast and easy way. Taking up fewer resources as possible, and allowing you to personalize the appearance in many ways, by changing colors, images, transparency, animations, and many other options to make it blend in with your desktop.

The Tab management will let you create as many tabs as you like, with any number of short-cuts, and with lots of options to personalize them. From the site of the producer you can download new skins if you get bored of the standard one – which actually has the best design. You can also add a Music Tab which allows you to play your music and your favorite radios directly from sTabLauncher.

The behavior of the sTabLauncher can be easily adjusted: you can change the way the tab opens and hides, by mouse click or by automatic detection. The same variety of options is available for the tabs' animation: set up the animation style, the speed of it or the refresh rate.

New Features:

  • show on top of Fullscreen windows (set by default to false), an option that will cause sTabLauncher to hide when an application is running in fullscreen mode.
  • keep the configuration file on the application’s directory (set by default to false), useful if you want to run multiple instances at the same time with different configurations.
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Upload Date:2012,07,29,03,28,18
Modified Date:2012,07,29,03,47,45
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