mundu TV 3.8.14


Live Indian TV Channels On Your Mobile, Desktop, Laptop and Tablet

Squabbles over who will control the remote, which channel to watch, when and by whom, and the fear of missing your favorite television programs are things of the past. mundu TV ushers in a new way to watch television. Simply download it on to your mobile phone or desktop, take out that bowl of popcorn from the microwave, sit back and enjoy this rich live TV viewing experience.

The world of Mundu TV brings you -
Great Content
Make Mundu TV your choice for LIVE and Premium television content.
Availability on Devices
Mundu TV works on Nokia, Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Windows Mobile, Android tablets, Laptops, Desktops and Macs.
And it gets better. When you want to put your mobile away, use your subscription on your desktop and laptop.
Network Access
View Mundu TV on any network provider. Mundu TV’s in-house encoders allow you to view TV on 2G / 3G/ WiFi*.

It’s live television on your mobile, desktop, laptop and tablet! Packed with information, entertainment and action, it’s fun unlimited! With mundu TV you’re in tune with the latest. Watch your stocks grow or be glued to your favorite serial or stay informed with the latest around the globe. Your world of news and entertainment is just a click away!

You can watch all the channels supported by Mundu TV anywhere, 24x7. Simply download the application on your Internet-enabled (GPRS, EDGE, 3G, WiBro, LAN and Broadband) mobile/desktop.

Mundu TV can be downloaded on your mobile phone irrespective of the service provider you've chosen. Switching channels or controlling volume are such easy tasks. You got to take that call or run an errand? Do it. Pause live TV. Finish your unfinished business and Mundu TV will start from where you left.

To see the list of supported channels click here.

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