Dosbox (32 bit) 0.74


With arrival of new operating systems we have witnessed how the computing has become easy as they are so user-friendly. But with so advantages these operating systems has given rise to compatibility issues with old Programs.

DosBox is virtualization software which is capable of running the old DOS programs and games. It emulates Dos which was installed on Windows 98 & 95 which helps in running old Dos applications.

Here’s a Small Guide on How to Run Old Dos Games in DosBox.

--For this I am going to Tell You How to Run DAVE one of the most popular Dos Games on a Windows 7 or Vista PC:

  • You can Download DosBox here for Free!. Latest Version available right now is 0.74.
  • After download, Install DosBox on your PC.
  • Now here’s the main step. To Run Dave you will have to create Folder in your drive where windows is Installed or any other drive where you want. For instance we are going to do this in C:\> drive.
  • Go to C:\ drive and create a new folder named Dos and copy the Dave game Folder into it.
  • After installation Open Dosbox.exe from Desktop or from the installed directory.
  • You will see a Dos screen with Z:\> as your local drive.

Screen Z:\> (Click to Enlarge)

  • Now write ‘mount c c:\Dos’ and you will see a message saying Drive C is mounted as local directory. It means that your ‘C:\>Dos’ is your local directory.

Screen Mounting (Click to Enlarge)

  • Now write ‘C:’ and press enter. You will enter into C drive.


Screen C:\> (Click to Enlarge)

  • Write ‘C:\>cd Dave which will take you into C:\>Dave\ .

Screen C:\>Dave (Click to Enlarge)

  • Now Run Dave.exe by typing ‘dave.exe’ or ‘dave’ and pressing enter.

Screen Running Dave (Click to Enlarge)


  • Play and Enjoy the classic Dave on your advanced Windows 7.

 Screen Playing Dave (Click to Enlarge)


This guide applies to all the old Dos Games and applications also. So if you are missing classic old Dos games on your PC then get the DosBox now.

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