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Apple Shooter is a great game where you need to shoot the arrow from your bow and eliminate the apple from your friends head, it sounds easy, but he only gets one life so if you shoot him in the face your back to level 1 of Apple Shooter.  With each succesfull hit you progress to the next level which means you need to shoot from further away which completly alters the old angles of trajectory and power that is applied through the bow.  Apple Shooter is one of those shooting game .....

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Download Farm Frenzy: Pizza Party and go back to the farm to produce the food you like most – pizzas! Start off passing 90 exciting levels of great fun by growing grain, feeding animals and harvesting. You have to feed 10 different animals and produce some 28 goods to make 6 different types of pizza! Slice truffles, pickle cucumbers and make dough! Game developers did their best to make goods production a really funny thing to do. Thanks to the well-designed gameplay you now have a .....

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