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RK Launcher is a free application that will allow the user to have a visually pleasing bar at the side of the screen that is used to quickly launch shortcuts. With support for themes, PNG's and ICO's and with smooth amazing animations, RK Launcher is a versatile and great taskbar replacement. Features: Zooming When the mouse is moved over the dock, all the icons will automatically grow: this is called zooming. The advantage of zooming is that the user will be able to have a .....

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Mac Like Launchpad on Windows This app makes you see all the installed software on your windows PC in the entire screen as in MAC and Ubuntu (recent versions) Press “F” and then drag-n-drop your commonly used software programs, website shortcuts and even documents into the WinLaunch app. It is also possible to group app icons in a folder by dragging one icon onto another. This is useful for putting related items – like Microsoft Office programs or Adobe Creative Suit .....

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Send To Toys is an enhancement of the Send To system menu. Send To Toys Control Panel Applet allows you to manage the Send To system menu content, and configure the various Send To Toys settings. "Add to Send To menu" and "Remove from Send To menu" allows you to personalize the Send To system menu for drives, folders, and programs. Send To "Clipboard (as content)" copies the content of the file to the clipboard. Supports the most common text a .....

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A Wonderful Application Launcher, Application Dock and Widget Engine for Windows If you want to bring some order on your Windows desktop, easy find and launch your favorite applications or have an instant access to your favorite websites then Krento is what are you looking for. Krento is a modern desktop organizer which combines the functionality of the Application Launcher, Application Dock and Widget Engine in one small and powerful application. Easy to use, with fascinating graphics ef .....

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