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Keeps a specific Window on Top of all others "Window On Top" is a small gadget made by Compzets.com which keeps any specific window on top of other windows always, unless and until you want. It does not have any user-interface (UI), it just sits on your tray bar and works with only a single keyboard shortcut. Major Update: Usage: Just focus on any window you want to keep on TOP. Press Win+T to activate "Windows On Top" on that window, use the same sho .....

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S-Tools is a steganography tool that hides files in BMP, GIF, and WAV files. You open up a copy of S-Tools and drag pictures and sounds across to it. To hide files you just drag them over open sound/picture windows. You can hide multiple files in one sound/picture and your data is compressed before being encrypted then hidden. Multi-threaded operation means that you can have many hide/reveal operations going simultaneously without fear of them interferring with you or holding up your work. Yo .....

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Enjoy Face Recognition Login from Your PC with Luxand Blink! Have you ever imagined being able to log into your computer just by looking at the screen? This is more than just a fun gadget, however. Being able to log into your computer just by looking at it is not only faster, but it is also far more secure and convenient. With a traditional password login, anyone who knows the password such as by finding it out by covert means can simply log into your computer. Things such as fingerpr .....

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Till Windows Vista & Xp there was no support for changing Login Screen background and you have to use third party apps like logon studio for changing login screen background. However in Windows 7 Microsoft has done good job by allowing users to change Windows 7 Logon Screen without need of third party apps. We have already revived Logon changer & LogonUI Changer for Windows 7. Here is another cool utility Windows 7 Logon Screen Rotator developed by one of Neowin forum member which lets you to .....

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Utilize your Middle-Click to access your Favorite Folders The middle mouse click in your browser performs two very useful functions, it lets you open a link in a new tab and it closes tabs when you click on them. Unfortunately, the middle click button does nothing on the desktop. Folders PopUp is a little Windows utility that not only puts the middle mouse button to excellent use but also makes it very easy to open folders. This utility brings up a context menu when you middle click with .....

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Advanced Clipboard Manager for Windows with Scripting Support Expand your Clipboard to store multiple clips with CopyQ. Its an advanced clipboard manager with searchable and editable history with support for image formats, command line control and more. Highlights: Supports Windows and Linux. Store text, HTML, images and any other custom format. Customize tray menu. Save items in new tabs (and groups). Quickly browse through items (fast navigation, filt .....

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