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Now Browsers can talk Share URLs with a click of a button. How do I use Google Tone? To broadcast a URL using Google Tone: Log into your Google account. Click on the Google Tone icon in your Chrome browser while on a web page you want to broadcast. Why Google Tone?   Google Tone helps computers communicate like we do—by talking to each other. It's a browser extension that lets Chrome use your computer's speakers to produce a special s .....

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See subtitles while you play your favorite music from any player Just install this tiny piece of software and then open your music player and start playing any song, you will start seeing the respective subtitle in a beautiful translucent screen. Highlights: Lyrics plugin software for iTunes, Windows Media Player, Winamp, etc. You needn't change the way of enjoying music. Display scrolling lyrics, you can follow along with the artist and catch every word. Autom .....

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Resize Window Size and Opacity with just a Scroll Feel the Wheel (Feewhee) is a tool that Microsoft apparently overlooked while making Windows. By using Feewhee you can easily resize windows and control their transparency with a mouse wheel. Since the first Feewhee's quiet release back in 2005, such functionality became popular. It was reproduced in some windows managers and copied by a dozen of similar utilities. Yet nowadays Feewhee is probably still the simplest, most natural a .....

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Advanced Clipboard Manager for Windows with Scripting Support Expand your Clipboard to store multiple clips with CopyQ. Its an advanced clipboard manager with searchable and editable history with support for image formats, command line control and more. Highlights: Supports Windows and Linux. Store text, HTML, images and any other custom format. Customize tray menu. Save items in new tabs (and groups). Quickly browse through items (fast navigation, filt .....

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Utilize your Middle-Click to access your Favorite Folders The middle mouse click in your browser performs two very useful functions, it lets you open a link in a new tab and it closes tabs when you click on them. Unfortunately, the middle click button does nothing on the desktop. Folders PopUp is a little Windows utility that not only puts the middle mouse button to excellent use but also makes it very easy to open folders. This utility brings up a context menu when you middle click with .....

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Don't send Emails to Yourself again, the Best way to Transfer Files is here A superhighway between phones, tablets, and computers. PushBullet have made it easy and fast to send something from one of your devices to another, and even to your friends. Have an article you want to read on your tablet? With Pushbullet, you can push the link right to your tablet and it'll be waiting for you in the notifications tray so you can get right to reading. Want your significant other to .....

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