Upload Policy

Uploaders are always highly appreciated in Compzets but they have to be careful of what they upload and how they do it. All files being uploaded are reviewed by our moderators. If your upload does not meet the requirements below, the file will be removed from our system. If you abuse our policy, you will be banned from using Compzets.

Your upload will be removed by our moderators after being reviewed if:

  • Your uploaded software is pirated or is against copyright laws.
  • Your upload has been flagged as inappropriate by two or more users.
  • Your upload is not upto the mark i.e, needs more creativity and skills.
  • You have missed to provide the necessary and correct details regarding the software.
  • Your upload has any adult content.
  • Your provided details and specifications is found to be wrong or incorrect.

NOTE: If any upload is violating any of the above criteria and is still not removed means it is not yet reviewed by our moderators. If any 3rd party organization or company forces a complain against any of our content then the upload together with the respective uploader will be removed from our system if the complain is found legal.